Things to Consider when Adding a Pedestal Bird house to Your Yard

Most birds build their nests while others like to live in the natural habitat like holes in dead trees. There is a scarcity of these natural cavities, and you can help these birds survive by putting an artificial bird house. When buying, you can choose the style that is perfect for your home, as it determines the kind of birds attracted to it. A pedestal birdhouse fit the style of nearly all homes and attract most bird species.

When adding a pedestal bird house to your home, you need to think about the following features. Buy high-quality pedestal bird house made of untreated wood. We guarantee high-quality decorative bird houses on the exterior to make it attractive when in your yard. Also, think about the location, this birdhouse should be kept facing away from the prevailing wind to protect the young birds from cold winds and rain.

The pedestal birdhouse has a sturdy pole to discourage predators from the birdhouse. Ensure you locate this house on the open ground. The ventilation should be good for fresh air flow and make sure the inside is not painted or treated. The entrance hole diameter should be about 11/4 and ¼. Lastly, ensure the birdhouse has a clean out box for removing the old nesting materials.