Obsessed With Starlight Candle Lanterns…

Lantern décor is so peaceful and majestic and it can be put on a tabletop or countertop to enhance the atmosphere of any room. I wanted to experiment with lantern décor for a long time and I am not sure why it took me so long to finally get my first lantern. I used to think that lanterns were hard to keep looking good and that it was too much work to have a candle lantern.

I hadn’t used candles much as part of my décor in the past, but I have realized that they are not much of a hassle and that you get the added benefit of a lovely fragrance filling your room. A fragrance that you can get a hint of even when you aren’t next to the candle. I have been putting some amazing candles in my candle lanterns.

My starlight candle lanterns have become an important part of my home décor. They are not hard to take care of and putting a beautiful candle into them is really easy. I can hang the lanterns or gently set them on my favorite tables. I get some cozy light and a nice fragrance filling the room with the lanterns, which is double the enjoyment.