Block out the distractions with the beautiful harmony of the Victorian wind Chimes.

The Victorian Wind Chimes produce tones reminiscent of distant school or church bells. They pay tribute to a period when gardens and meadows were treasured and craftsmen created decorative metalwork to adorn them. Ethereal music accompanies a random breeze. Tinkling pipes dance together in melodious harmony, dangling from a lovely old keyhole with plastic knob.

The essence of a summertime meadow is represented with the nature design of the top piece and the cast metal clappers of hummingbirds, butterflies, dragonflies and turquoise-colored beads. There exists a beautiful blend of function and style that goes hand in hand with a sustainable and recyclable bamboo and aluminum. The Copper colorful tones bounce off the natural color of the wood. The long, straight lines of the pipes along with the hexagonal angles of the wood offer a classy, traditional look. Secured with nylon string, they hang from a discreet silver ring. The rust finish offers a natural beauty that warms up the steel elements with a weathered texture.

With its graceful melody and stately tempo, the Victorian wind chimes are popular as gifts that resonate and work for any holiday season, birthday, house warming, or anytime just for fun. Perfect for the patio, garden, and anywhere you wish to add beautiful melodies to your environment.