A Simple Guide to Outdoor Plant Stand

When purchasing an outdoor plant stand, you have to consider the number of plants you intend to accommodate, the weather conditions that the outdoor plant stand has to endure and the weight that the stand has to support. These factors will determine the outdoor plant stand material. Below, we take a deeper look at some of the materials you can choose from:

• Plastic/Resin – This material is quite popular for decks, apartment balconies, and other outdoor spaces. The stands made using the material are lightweight and hence easy to move around. Although plastic/resin is modestly durable, under extreme weather conditions, the material can become brittle.

• Metal – This material is both durable and heavy. It can accommodate multiple planters. To prevent rust, it is crucial that you spray the metal with paint or treat it with a metal sealant.

• Wood – This is an ideal organic option. The material is capable of handling a wide variety of weather conditions including partial sun, full sun, extreme cold, and extreme heat.

Generally, plant stand prices vary depending on the material used to make them. Instead of focusing on saving as much money as possible, focus on getting a plant stand that offers you value for your money. Make sure the plant stand you get won’t force you to go back to the market any time soon.