Benefits of Investing in a Fire Station Bird House

The importance of a fire station bird house cannot be understated if you are planning to attract birds to your garden or yard. The birds which appear on your backyard every now and then are a part of the ecosystem. Having a fire station bird house ensures that the birds keep coming back. Other than just giving the visiting birds a place to relax, a bird house has numerous benefits. The birds that the house will attract can benefit your garden in numerous ways. Some of these ways include:

• Controlling pests – Birds eat insects. Hence, they can help with the elimination of unwanted pests. This will help you avoid spending money on harmful pesticides.

• Weed control – Some birds do feed on weeds. This helps you avoid weeding.

• Flower pollination – Pollination is a necessity for any garden. Birds do like to sip nectar from flowers. This will obviously help with pollination.

• Property value – Homes that are well-maintained and are capable of attracting birds have great curb appeal. This raises the value of the property.

Birds are a crucial part of any garden. Bird houses offer more benefits than just attracting birds to your home. When purchasing a bird house, it is crucial that you ensure you take home the right house. A fire station bird house is ideal for any home.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a crucial part of any home’s presentation. Decorative outdoor lighting plays a monumental role in your property’s curb appeal. When choosing your decorative outdoor lighting, there are some factors you need to consider. We discuss some of these factors in this article.

One crucial factor that you have to consider is the size of the lights you choose. Adding large light fixtures is always a good idea. However, if your lights are too big, you may end up ruining the appearance of your home. Medium decorative outdoor lighting won’t look over-the-top. Your lights are supposed to complement both your landscape and exterior walls. Hence, color is always a crucial consideration.

Before shopping for your outdoor lighting, it is crucial that you consider your home’s style. You should pick the lighting that matches the style of your home. For example, if you have the Cape Cod home style, the mission style lighting fixture may not look good. If you own an English Bungalow, the carriage lighting style may not be good for your home. When purchasing outdoor lighting fixtures, ensure that they are capable of lasting for a long time.

Decorative Planters: The Best Materials and Sizes

Easy-to-transport decorative planters are capable of transforming any deck or patio into a garden area. In ordinary gardens, decorative planters can help improve water efficiency. The planters will also give you better control over the seedling and soil conditions. But, how do you determine the best material and size for your decorative planters? Read on to find out.

The best planter material depends on a wide range of factors. Before choosing a planter material, it is crucial that you consider both its pros and cons. Below are some common planter materials:

• Wood planters – These planters are both durable and beautiful when stained or painted. Shorea, Teak, and Cedar have excellent weather resistance.

• Metal planters – Durable and rugged, metal planters are ideal for visual distinction. Metals, however, have one major downside. They have a high heat transference which can lead to frost damage or overheating.

• Concrete planters – These are costlier when compared with other materials. However, they are highly durable.

The planter size depends on what you are growing. If you are planning to grow vegetables, the ideal planter should be at least 2 feet wide. A planter that is 1 foot wide can accommodate a wide range of herbs.

Coming Up with Garden Accents Ideas

The garden accents you select give your garden both its identity and style. You can use garden decorations to draw the visitors’ attention to your garden, liven up uninteresting areas, or attract attention to specific garden aspects. One question that people planning to decorate their garden ask themselves is, “how do I choose garden décor?” We answer this question below.

It is always a good idea to approach garden décor the same way you would approach the interior decoration. Before purchasing garden accents, take your time to determine the theme and mood you want to implement. Ask yourself questions like, will the theme be unique, modern, or traditional? Which is the current predominating color scheme? When selecting your garden accents, you should let your imagination guide you. Garden décor can be anything from bird feeders and birdhouses to planters. However, you can always decorate the garden with anything that appeals to you.

If you plan on making a smaller garden seem larger, you can invest in strong garden decorations such as urns, obelisks, and statues. These décors will draw attention along a path and hence lengthening the space visually.

Picking the Right Garden Swing Set

A garden swing set can be a great way to keep your kids exercised and entertained. Without the right entertainment tools, taking your kid to the playground to tire him/her out is often necessary. With the right garden swing set, you can tire your kid/kids without leaving your home. Numerous swing set options are available. So, how are you supposed to pick the right garden swing set?

When selecting a swing set, it is crucial that you think long term. Your kids will grow up and change. This means that their swing set needs will be evolving over time. When picking your swing set, make sure that your kids can still use it as they get bigger.

Another important thing you have to consider is safety. Regardless of the ease of assembly, materials, or price, the one factor that you should never ignore is safety. Safety extends beyond your swing set. You have to ensure that the garden is also safe. Before paying for a swing set, it is crucial that you confirm that the set complies with all the necessary safety regulations. Also, ensure that you build the swing set on level ground and also cover the ground with a protective surface.

Outdoor Lantern Lights: choosing Between Damp and Wet Rated Light Fixtures

Outdoor lighting offers a wide range of benefits. Some of these benefits include curb appeal, security and safety, and a unified look. When purchasing your outdoor lighting fixture, you need to be careful to avoid purchasing the wrong lighting fixture. Both the wet and damp ratings indicate that a lighting fixture can be used outdoors. The ratings help you figure out which outdoor areas are ideal for your outdoor lantern lights. Below, we take a deeper look at the difference between wet and damp rated fixtures.

Damp rated outdoor lantern lights are ideal for outdoor areas that are covered. The areas shouldn’t have direct exposure to rain, snow, or water. The lights are capable of handling damp and moist areas. You can place the lights in your bathroom, covered patio, carport, kitchen, or screened porch. If you use damp rated lights in uncovered areas, you will be forced to go back to the market within a short period of time.

Wet rated outdoor lantern lights are capable of handling intense rain, snow, and ice. They can also handle harsh and salty ocean breezes. You can place these lights on your exposed deck, lanai, veranda, pergola, or gazebo.

Advantages of Using Wood Garden Benches

While there are numerous types of materials that can be used for garden benches, wood has always been an elegant choice. Natural wood characteristics make it possible for you to bring nature and outdoor structures together to create a unified space that everyone can enjoy. Below, we highlight some of the major advantages that come with using wood garden benches:

• Timeless look – Wood never goes out of style. Wood garden benches have a timeless look that is full of elegance and texture. Using wood in your garden will create a unique and premium look that is impossible to achieve with other materials.

• Cost-effective – Wood garden benches offer you value for your money. They are very cost-effective. When proper treatment and maintenance is undertaken, wood will offer you the services you need for a very long time.

• Wood is safe – Being a natural material, wood is non-toxic. It is neither damaging to users or the environment.

For you to purchase wood that is capable of offering you numerous benefits, there are some factors you should consider. Some of these factors include cost, style, and whether the wood garden benches will be put to commercial or residential use.

A Simple Guide to Outdoor Plant Stand

When purchasing an outdoor plant stand, you have to consider the number of plants you intend to accommodate, the weather conditions that the outdoor plant stand has to endure and the weight that the stand has to support. These factors will determine the outdoor plant stand material. Below, we take a deeper look at some of the materials you can choose from:

• Plastic/Resin – This material is quite popular for decks, apartment balconies, and other outdoor spaces. The stands made using the material are lightweight and hence easy to move around. Although plastic/resin is modestly durable, under extreme weather conditions, the material can become brittle.

• Metal – This material is both durable and heavy. It can accommodate multiple planters. To prevent rust, it is crucial that you spray the metal with paint or treat it with a metal sealant.

• Wood – This is an ideal organic option. The material is capable of handling a wide variety of weather conditions including partial sun, full sun, extreme cold, and extreme heat.

Generally, plant stand prices vary depending on the material used to make them. Instead of focusing on saving as much money as possible, focus on getting a plant stand that offers you value for your money. Make sure the plant stand you get won’t force you to go back to the market any time soon.