Indoor Outdoor Fountains for Sale

Are you looking for a great way to enhance your living space? We have great indoor outdoor fountains for sale that will surely make your home elegant. The water fountain is suitable for the lawn, garden or indoor living space. A perfect indoor outdoor fountain makes you enjoy the sound and sight of running water. We have many different indoor outdoor fountains for sale to suit the various taste and preferences.

With the indoor outdoor fountains, you create the right atmosphere in your garden and indoor which your family and friends will love. These fountains easily add a lovely focal point to your backyard. They are also set up in minimum time. We have handcrafted fountains made from cast stone. They have different treatments and color. You can also choose a fountain that resemble white marble, a rustic look or a clean lines fountains with a smooth finish.

For maximum impact, you can go for a large multilayered illuminated fountain. The indoor-outdoor fountains for sale can be attached to the wall, sits on the ground or have a pool at the base. Our products are high quality and made by skilled artisans. Make the right choice from the various indoor-outdoor fountains for sale at MyPrettyPatio.Com.

Unique and Lovely Lighted Hummingbird Wind Chimes

As your garden and lawn change with every season, you can find something lovely to add a splash of life and vibrancy. The lighted hummingbird wind chimes are ideal for brightening any garden or lawn. They are environment-friendly and used to brighten and enhance your garden, balcony, and pathway. They also create a warm and romantic atmosphere during both the day and night. You can offer lighted hummingbird wind chimes as a birthday gift or holiday present for the children, family, and friends.

The lighted hummingbird wind chimes add a melody to your outdoor space, its battery-powered base lights up giving a beautiful scene night and day. The sunlight sparkle from every crystalline facet and the color changing shimmering light get in motion even on the calmest day. It can be easily hanged on the roof lines, trees, door frames, and windows.

We offer durable and robust wind chimes that are not easily damaged. The colors are pretty and look wonderful outside at night making them great for any patio or porch. The lighted hummingbird wind chimes can be charged with USB interface thus lights up for long. Do not be left out, add unique hanging décor to your outdoor with the hummingbird wind chimes from My Pretty Patio.Com.

Identifying Different Types of Garden Statues

Your outdoor garden is not complete without the perfect garden statues. These statues can be of different sizes and materials. With a guideline, you can be able to purchase the garden statues that are unique and reflects your style. Identify the area you live together with the environment, weather conditions before you decide to buy any garden statue. Garden statues can be made of wood, metal, concrete, ceramic, cast stone, and natural stone.

The garden statues are among the top methods of enhancing your garden or lawn. They add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the garden. In the online market today, you can find an array of elegant and posh garden statues that boost the appearance of your beautiful garden. Garden statues can be in animal form; these can be statues of big or small animals all made from different materials.

You can also find Fairies and angel garden statues; these can be made of marble, glass or stone. They may include fairly small animals like rabbit, squirrel and more. There are also water fountains and bird baths; these attract living creatures and birds in the garden. Gnomes are cute garden statues too. Your corner spaces can be utilized for large statues as our eyes are naturally drawn to corners. Ensure you buy your garden statues from Quality stores like My Pretty Patio.Com.

Things to Look for When Selecting from our hanging Bird Houses for Sale

Have you ever bought a bird house to find out that it does not attract any birds? Many bird watchers purchase a bird house based upon its appearance only as they need it to serve as garden décor that attracts birds. However, there is more to just the attractiveness of a bird house. Today we look at our hanging bird houses for sale; we design these bird houses with specifications and features that birds require for nesting.

Since different birds are attracted to different color shades, the hanging bird houses for sale have excellent choices of color that attract birds. These colors range from earth tone shades which represent security and safety to bright colors that attract specific bird species. Our hanging bird houses for sale range in sizes that suit a variety of bird species.

We also offer a range of materials to choose from, these materials suit every taste and budget. They include ceramics, plastic, wood, resin, and metal. Our hanging bird houses for sale are quality crafted, decorative and functional. You can attract different species with these bird houses depending on your habitat. Purchase various bird houses at the comfort of your home from My Pretty Patio.Com.

Are you in Need of Decorative Bird Houses?

You may be wondering if you need a bird house in your yard. The answer is yes, the bird houses also called nest box provides a safe stay for birds to build their nest and raise the young while providing warmth. You also support the native bird population with a bird house. Birds have a perfect vision and can see colors very well sometimes even better than us. Therefore, you can take that advantage when choosing a bird house.

With decorative bird houses, you attract birds and also add beauty to your backyard as well as encouraging more species to visit. We have many beautiful decorative bird houses in various colors and designs. Your choice of the bird house expresses your interest, compassion, and statement. They are also perfect for décor.

From our various choices, you can match the decorative bird houses with your garden theme to show a strong statement, while creating a more pleasing backyard to the eyes. In our online shop, we have highly crafted decorative bird houses which are not only attractive but architecturally designed for specific species and are functional. We also have perfect sizes for the right bird house for your yard. Visit My Pretty Patio for beautiful decorative bird houses.

Get the Best from our Garden Bench for Sale

The right site for a garden bench is essential. Yes, you can enhance the look of your garden with a simple outdoor bench. A garden bench creates an excellent focal point, where you can relax and socialize and it also a great design statement. It can add a finishing touch to your garden style. At My Pretty patio, we offer various designs and types of a garden bench for sale. We offer unique and high-quality benches that will last you a lifetime.

In small gardens, you can use the garden bench on your patio, a place where you can view your garden as you relax. You can also place it near a swimming pool, or a body of water available in your garden. In this way, you use it to highlight a view or the water feature. Ensure your garden bench is comfortable to enable you to enjoy the view. You can also surround your bench with pebbles, gravel or big rocks or even a roof.

Our garden bench for sale is affordable and made from a range of materials. We use durable wood which is weather resistant for an outdoor bench like Acacia, cedar, cypress, redwood, and teak. You can determine the balance between sustainability, longevity, budget and aesthetic when choosing from our garden bench for sale.

Find the Perfect Outdoor Fairy Statues

Do you want to add a touch of magic or an enchanting garden to your home with an adorable fairy statue? Then you are in the right place; we have a wide selection of outdoor fairy statues fit to suit different preferences and style. The outdoor statue can properly fit among the flowers, on your doorsteps or anywhere on your yard. We have versatile outdoor fairy statues that fit any budget. They are made from plasters, colored wood, and mock stone.

Fairies are charming little creatures and their statues are beautiful decorations for your garden. The outdoor fairy statues are brought to life through enchanting expressions, wispy clothing, and brilliant wings. You can set a small fairy on top of a decorative rock or bench or the glass. The small statues include curious rabbit, nibbling or curious squirrel, squirrel solar statue and more.

You can also create a fun and joyous environment with a delightful selection of welcoming and dreamy gnomes. You can also brighten the path, lighting your walkway with beautiful solar light statues. The lights cast a magical atmosphere with a warm glow. The outdoor fairy statues enhance your outdoor spaces including, patios, pools, and garden. Shop with us for beautiful and high-quality outdoor fairy statues.

Things to Consider when Adding a Pedestal Bird house to Your Yard

Most birds build their nests while others like to live in the natural habitat like holes in dead trees. There is a scarcity of these natural cavities, and you can help these birds survive by putting an artificial bird house. When buying, you can choose the style that is perfect for your home, as it determines the kind of birds attracted to it. A pedestal birdhouse fit the style of nearly all homes and attract most bird species.

When adding a pedestal bird house to your home, you need to think about the following features. Buy high-quality pedestal bird house made of untreated wood. We guarantee high-quality decorative bird houses on the exterior to make it attractive when in your yard. Also, think about the location, this birdhouse should be kept facing away from the prevailing wind to protect the young birds from cold winds and rain.

The pedestal birdhouse has a sturdy pole to discourage predators from the birdhouse. Ensure you locate this house on the open ground. The ventilation should be good for fresh air flow and make sure the inside is not painted or treated. The entrance hole diameter should be about 11/4 and ¼. Lastly, ensure the birdhouse has a clean out box for removing the old nesting materials.